During the ages of 8 months and 2, I was driven across the States with my family; consisting of my Mum, Dad, Uncle and Sister. To my knowledge, this happened twice during these years.

This family unit I was once a part of no longer exists, and hasn’t for many years.

My Mother passed away and the other members no longer have any contact with me.

My Uncle that joined us on these trips had bought a new video camera beforehand, and recorded nearly everything we got up to; where we went, what we saw, and for as long as I can remember I have always associated my past with America. Even though every memory I have of having a family is purely through having watched these videos all my life, and listening to the same music that we played as we drove; it has always been my way of connecting to my past.

Last year I finally went back to America, having studied the videos I own I found some of the key places we stayed or visited, and retraced the same steps I once took 22 years ago with my family. 

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